Greg du Toit

Professional Wildlife Photographer

In a world populated with excellent wildlife and nature photographers, some stand a little to the side with their own view and a completely different style of imagery. When those images take the world by storm, with exhibitions in the National geographic Store, London and in Conneticut, USA, people start to take notice.

Meet Greg du Toit- naturalist, 8th generation African and fine art wildlife photographer. With 2 highly commended awards in the BBC wildlife competition- with both images in the fine art mould, Greg's photography is distinct and refined, much like his humour!

Greg du Toit is a professional wildlife photographer and C4 Photo Safari guide who is quite simply gripped by Africas beauty. The last decade has seen him living in and photographing some of Africa's wildest and remotest ecosystems. This included remote areas in Kenya and Tanzania where the wildlife was shay and elusive. But this did not stop Greg, who managed to collect some excellent image portfolios during this time.

Gregs speciality is finding you the unique, the different and the best subjects for you to photograph. Predators are one of his specialities. Photographing them in a new light is another. If you are looking for a unique point of view with regards large mammals, predators and action based photography: Greg is your guide.

Gregs photography conveys intimate interactions with the natural world and intimacy with his subjects has become his signature theme.

To view more of his published work you can click here.

"My photography is much more than a career, it is a way for me to share the beauty of wild places with others. To hopefully contribute in some small way to their continued existence"