Kyle de Nobrega

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With a deeply embedded passion for conservation and the wilderness in Africa, Kyle has spent the last decade exploring and guiding across the continent, sharing the formless intricacies, wonders and stories embedded in the wilderness with guests on Safari. Kyle currently specializes in crafting immersive safari experiences in Botswana, Chad, Zambia, both of the Congo’s, the Central African Republic and Tanzania. Each destination is carefully and honestly chosen for 3 things that combine to create the most holistic journey:

  • The Conservation Ethos
  • The remoteness and wildlife
  • Rekindling the dying flame of the true safari spirit by choosing traditional and authentic camps and destinations

Having spent the last few years as a professional safari guide and conservation photographer, the emphasis of Kyle’s work is in visual and poetic storytelling and the interpretation of nature through his guiding style.  

“Wildlife photography is a tiny element to create the whole whilst out on safari, there is an unimaginable amount of stimulus that presents itself through the language of nature and her veil, and this is what makes the safari experience so special, so transformative”.


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Photographic interests  
 Wildlife, animal behaviour, Landscapes


 English, Afrikaaans, basic Shangaan
Equipment  Digital cameras