Hannah Strand

wilderness and wellness guide

Hannah was born and raised in Tanzania. Growing up in a safari family, Hannah spent much of her childhood in the bush. She says "Sometimes I can't believe I had the wilderness and wildlife of Tanzania just on my doorstep my whole life. I spent my childhood constantly on safari with family and friends".

As a guide, Hannah's passion is not only about sharing the wonders of Tanzania's incredible wildlife and environments, but also trying to "bring awareness to Tanzanian women who are creating a brighter future and better quality of life for themselves and their families. In doing so, Hannah spent two years living alongside a remote tribe in Tanzania where she not only studied gender role development and sustainability, but also gained an acceptance not many other people have. This places Hannah in that rare space of being able to gain access to cultural parts of Tanzania not many others can. For visitors, this connection is quite invaluable.

She is also a fully qualified yoga teacher and runs yoga wellness safaris in the wilderness areas of Tanzania. Hannah’s deep experience of Tanzanian wildlife, her cultural empathy and acceptance, her undeniable energy, fluent Swahili and sharp humour will ensure that your safari with her will be one of full immersion, and some flair.

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